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About Intercontinental Leasing and Finance Company Limited!

Intercontinental Leasing and Finance Company Limited is a dynamic business organization operating in the field of financing, trading and investment in shares and securities.The company's presence across multiple sectors provides it with a robust model which generates tremendous opportunities for business synergies that span across delivering higher values to consumers, maximizing returns, efficient purchasing, cross-selling across its varied businesses, effective brand building and much more.

Main Objects of the Company as per Memorandum and Articles of Association:

1.  To carry on and undertake the business of finance, trading, hire purchase, lease and to finance lease operation of all and every kind of description of goods, articles, commodities and things, that the company may think fit and to assist in financing of all and every kind and description of hire purchase or deferred payment or similar transaction, to subsidise, finance or assist in subsidizing or financing the sales, purchase, import, export and maintenance of goods, articles or commodities of all and every kind of description upon any terms what so ever and to purchase, import, export, or otherwise deal in all forms of immovable or moveable properties, articles and commodities including, land and building, plant and machinery, equipments, ship, aircraft, automobiles, computers and all consumers, commercial and industrial items to lease or otherwise deal with them in any manner what so ever including re-sale, import, export, there of regardless of whether the property purchased and leased be new and/or used, from India and from any part of the world and to provide leasing advisory consultancy service to other entities.

2.   To finance the industrial, trading, construction and other commercial or service enterprises by way of lending and advancing money, machinery, land, building, shed or such other things as may be required by such enterprise either with or without security an upon such terms and conditions as the company may think fit and to guarantee and become sureties for the performance of any agreement or contract entered into by any enterprise with any financial institution, bank or other parties for obtaining finance whether for its long term capital, working capital or for any deferred payments scheme. To lend money and negotiation loan of every description and to transact business as promoters, financers, and monetary agents in India and elsewhere provided company shall not carry any banking business.

3. To carry on the business of finance, trust, legal trust and to promote companies engaged in industrial, trading or other activities.